1. I always see a lot of people posting their custom characters from different games, and I never really participate in it, because I’m a dork with a million customs and I wouldn’t know where to start, really.

    But I want to get in on the love for a change, so here’s one of my favorites, my fabulously gay Cousland Warden and his husband Rory. 

    Game: Dragon Age Origins
    Name: Aedan Cousland
    Personality: Bitter/Broody Good Guy, occasionally snarktastic, rather effeminate when relaxed. Also dangerously charismatic.
    Class: Rogue archer, bard, ranger, legionnaire (my first archer in DA~!)
    Love Interest: Rory / Roland Gilmore. OC from the Human Noble origin in Dragon Age (the redhead above), made a fully voiced LI with a very, very, very good mod. 

    Basic story (SPOILERS FOR THE RORY MOD): This Aedan was best friends with Rory since the redhead was first enlisted in Highever as a knight under the Cousland family. They became secret lovers when they were teenagers, but Aedan’s father found them kissing, and was furious, punishing both of them. After that, their interactions were strictly professional and very limited, much to their pain. When Arl Howe betrayed the family in the HN origin, Roland was assumed dead. Instead, however, Rory managed to escape after being brutally tortured, and dragged himself to Lothering, hoping to run into the last of the Grey Wardens and join up (as he knew that he was being considered a possible recruit in the HN origin). He and Aedan reunited there, and during the course of the game, with some ups and downs between the two of them (namely, Arl Howe, and Aedan’s friendship with Howe’s son, Nathaniel), they fell in love again, had lots (and lots) of sex, and eventually got married. \o/

    Not that I expect anyone to comment or anything, but revisiting this made me feel better. :3

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